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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Cape Coral FL


Image Custom Coatings seamless epoxy flooring solutions are a guarantee that you will meet USDA and FDA standards in everything from major food processing plants to upscale restaurants.

When it comes to flooring, commercial kitchens and food and beverage facilities provide a unique set of difficulties. Exposure to caustic chemicals, alkali, hot oils, often used high-pressure hoses, permanently wet environments, and temperature extremes pose health and safety risks. In addition, they may contribute to the development of food-borne illnesses. To ensure you stay in business, selecting a floor that will offer a secure working environment, assure food safety, and adhere to USDA, FDA, OSHA, and SouthWest Florida health department requirements is crucial.

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floors
Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring slurry broadcast systems from Image Custom Coatings offer incredibly tough surfaces that can withstand extreme chemical and alkali exposure, are antibacterial, constantly damp, and withstand thermal shock. They also ensure safe working environments by reducing the chance of slip-and-fall accidents. Our seamless commercial kitchen floor systems work directly under your feet to keep your operation running while being safe, hygienic and slip-resistant even when wet.

Food Prep Coatings


The Quartz Flooring system is a mix of an epoxy resin slurry and the finest uniformly shaped and sized quartz colored granules. This combination makes Quartz Flooring exceptionally resilient to harsh chemicals, water and UV rays, while providing extreme durability and safe performance in the most demanding environments.

We use only the best product on the market, Sika and Torginol color quartz, to ensure every Fort Myers commercial kitchen project is of the highest quality.

Quartz Flooring Cape Coral
Quartz Flooring In Cape Coral Florida

Quartz Installation

To ensure the durability and longevity of Quartz Flooring, the most essential part of the installation process is floor preparation.

We start by mechanically grinding the floor to remove all dirt, oil, stains, grime and loose particles.

Next, we fill in all holes and cracks in the concrete floor and apply a primer coat. When the primer coat is fully cured, we apply the slurry base layer and broadcast the colored quartz onto the wet slurry. After the slurry broadcast layer is fully cured, we remove the excess quartz and seal the floor with a specially designed topcoat.Your new Quartz Flooring will be ready to walk on in no time.

Where is Food Flooring Good for

Food-grade flooring can be found in areas where food is prepared include Fort Myers butcheries, Naples delis, Cape Coral meatworks, Bonita Springs abattoirs, Captiva's supermarket produce sections, chillers, and freezers.

Daily, food grade flooring suffers damage from trolleys, heavy foot traffic, forklifts, hot oil spills, acids, and fats. Special epoxy and urethane cement floors satisfy these requirements, which are impervious to fluids and incapable of producing bacteria. Regarding current flooring options for food safety, epoxy and urethane cement are by far the best on the market.

Urethane Mortar Floor In Commercial Kitchen

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We have a certified team of employees with heavy duty equipment that deliver a number of Southwest Florida large commercial kitchen projects each month, all of which require large-scale flooring work to be completed within a short time frame.
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring


Every Fort Myers commercial kitchen and facility that requires daily hosing, will benefit from epoxy coving

An epoxy cove base is the half-round that surrounds the perimeter of your food-grade floor where it meets the wall. Epoxy coving keeps water out of the corners of your food-grade floor and keeps liquids from soaking into the wall, which leads to bacteria growth. Coving not only prevents bacteria growth, but also extends the life of your floor, by preventing water soaking through the floor edges and getting trapped underneath it.

Epoxy Coving Installation
Epoxy Coving In Public Toilet

Coving Installation

Quartz sand or dry kiln sand and epoxy resin are the two materials used to make epoxy coving.

After the arrowhead is positioned, the floor and wall parts where the coving will be installed are coated with epoxy batter/primer.

Following the priming of a portion of the surface, the coving mixture is spread out and applied using a half-round coving trowel. After curing, you are left with a rock-hard epoxy cove base that is firmly against the wall and floor and prevents the entry of any liquids.

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