Ashford Formula Concrete Sealing
Cape Coral Florida

Concrete Polishing In Cape Coral Florida

Dust Control Coatings

Do you have a concrete dust problem from the everyday wear and tear of your concrete floor?

Look no further than Image Custom Coatings dust control coatings if you want to shield your concrete surface from deterioration, corrosion, staining, and dusting.

Our concrete sealers and processes provide an impermeable layer that shields such materials from contamination while reducing the absorption of water and salts.

Polished Concrete Floor In Cape Coral Florida
Concrete Polishing In Cape Coral FL

Talk Image Custom Coatings about our dust control coatings and how we have helped Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples FL businesses minimize the amount of dust in their facilities.

Other flooring options cannot compare to the benefits of sealing concrete floors with Ashford Formula, especially when it comes to sustainability, performance, and longevity. With its clean and natural look, Ashford Formula is becoming the preferred flooring solution to preventing concrete dust from being generated from your commercial, industrial, and residential concrete floors.

Ashford Formula BENEFITS

Concrete sealed with Ashford Formula offer several advantages that other flooring materials can't match, particularly when it comes to durability, performance, and sustainability.

Have a large Concrete Sealing project?

We have a certified team of employees with heavy duty equipment that deliver a number of Southwest Florida large polished concrete floor projects each month, all of which require large-scale flooring work to be completed within a short time frame.
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Concrete Polishing In Cape Coral FL

Dust Control Coating Process

Almost any structurally sound concrete can be dust proofed and sealed. Depending on the desired finish, concrete state and final result, you can choose between two processes-grind and seal or Ashford Formula.

We recommend a grind and seal process for previously sealed or coated concrete floors. With grind and seal we start by mechanically grinding the top layer of concrete to remove any traces of old concrete coatings, floor paints, stains, oils and dirt until the concrete is back to a new bare surface. We will then repair any imperfections in the concrete floor and apply a clear dust control concrete sealer.

Concrete Grinding In Naples Florida
Concrete Polishing In Cape Coral Florida

For new/clean or previously unsealed concrete floors, we can apply Ashford Formula, a quick non-complicated process. To ensure optimal results, we will always first clean the concrete, open the concrete pores to allow the formula to penetrate and react with the concrete.

We will then apply one application of Ashford Formula to densify the concrete surface permanently. Once a flood coat has been achieved, we agitate the surface with brooms to help it penetrate the surface of the concrete.

The formula takes 30 minutes to react with the concrete and 2-3 hours to completely dry.

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